Kanti Karamsey & Co – Mumbai

FJS has teamed up with Kanti Karamsey & Co – Mumbai (KK&Co), on of the leading valuation firms in India, to carry out valuation assignments in Republic of Maldives and Sri Lanka. KK&Co, an associate firm of FJS, has assisted FJS to carry out valuations in Maldives, including the valuation of Property, Plant and Equipment of STELCO and 70 vessels hypothecated to Bank of Maldives PLC. KK&CO was established in 1974 and are Government Registered Valuers in India. They have carried out several valuations for very reputed companies in India for over a period of 37 years.

FJS Consulting Pvt Ltd

FJS Consulting Private Limited (FJS), a limited liability company registered in the Republic of Maldives, provides management consulting, economic and social sector research and consulting and training and capacity builing. The consulting team at FJS has experience in a wide area of disciplines including finance, management, risk, research in economic and social sectors, environment, and providing tailor made business development training programs. To get more information please visit www.fjsconsulting.net.