State Electric Company Ltd (STELCO)

State Electric Company Ltd (STELCO), provides electricity supplies to the city of Male’ and nearby islands. STELCO owns major fixed assets like buildings, heavy duty power generation equipments, fuel storage tanks, distribution equipments and other assets. FJS revalued the major fixed assets of STELCO located at Male’ and other islands of the country to provide the Client the market value of these assets.

Bank of Maldives PLC (BML)

Being the national bank of the country, Bank of Maldives PLC (BML) issues loans to the citizens of Maldives to purchase or lease the fishing boats and other vessels. FJS is valuing such vessels of Bank of Maldives under hypothecation to provide the market value to the client.

Sultans of Seas Pvt Ltd

Sultans of Seas is tourism based company providing wide range of tourism services such as safari boats, ticketing, resorts, diving school, speed boats for guest transfer and other vessels for resort services. FJS provided accounting services for the company for a period of one year.

Inner Maldives Holidays Pvt Ltd

Inner Maldives Holidays Pvt Ltd is a company providing tourism services. They provide the travel packages such as accommodation, transfers and other supplement services for the guests from foreign countries to enjoy their holidays in Maldives. FJS underwent a detail study on the accounting and operations procedures of the Company and provided the directors of the company with a report on the Internal Controls of the company.

In continuation to the report on the internal control of the Company, FJS is providing the complete accounting services to the firm which is required under the Companies Act.

Shore Investments Pvt Ltd

Shore Investments Pvt Ltd is providing the tourism services through their safari boats. The Company owns and leased safari boats for the tourism purposes. FJS has provided the Company with the assurance services.

Bridal Maldives Pvt Ltd

Bridal Maldives Pvt Ltd provides wedding services to the guests who wish to marry in the soil of Maldives. They rent wedding suits and dresses, bridal make up and all event management regarding wedding in Maldives. A team of FJS under took accounting services for the company and a different team of FJS provided the auditing and assurance services.